Know the market waters before diving into the deep end

Don’t start marketing campaigns, resource allocation, or content creation without knowing the full picture of what’s already out there.

Beyond known direct competitors and target keywords, get a handle on the full scope of all competitors direct and indirect, as well as other keywords that drive traffic. Our DiscoverySphere tools give you the most comprehensive look at your markets by segment.

Market analysis

Keyword research and discovery for modern marketers

Get beyond the simple search volume data and dive into opportunity scores, real time SERP trends and previews of the top ranking content for your target topics.

Segment-based market research and analysis

Conducting a market analysis is already a time-consuming task. Doing it for an entire brand or product without specific breakdowns and ways to analyze them increases the time spent and dilutes the results.

Using DemandSphere’s Segment Map technology, we create segments that cover things such as:

  • Brands
  • Products
  • Solutions
  • Campaigns
  • Messages
  • Locations
  • Audiences / personas
  • Funnel stages
  • Content types
  • and more

With these, you discover only the keywords, competitors, and content that are relevant to the selection of segments that matter for your target campaign or marketing effort.

Market analysis

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