Competitor analysis that drives better marketing strategy

Creating content and improving your SEO practices is often driven by the need to outrank or stay on top of competitors who are vying for the same audience. Knowing what they are doing as soon as it happens, as well as what’s working for them, is key to making the changes necessary to win your audience.

Competitor Discovery

Find the competitors that matter to your market, no matter how frequently the change. Using our Segment Mapping technology, we discover competitors daily across what really matters to your brands and audience. New competitors are found by:

  • Brand
  • Product
  • Solution
  • Feature
  • Campaign
  • Message
  • Location
  • and more

Tracking only a few competitors year after year doesn’t give you the real picture of who is creating content that is taking attention away from you. DemandMetrics allows you to discover and track numerous competitors as they change for your market.

Competitor Analysis and Discovery

Competitor monitoring

Monitor the movements of your competition daily, including rank change for your targeted keywords, social media updates, and content creation.

Get to know your competitors for each segment and the content they’re creating that is generating traffic from your target audience. The daily monitoring of each competitor gives you advanced insight into what’s working, and let’s you see the impact that search engine algorithm updates have the ranking of everyone in your market.

Content Catching Fire

The proprietary Catching Fire algorithm finds the content that’s increasing in relevancy the fastest for your audience and notifies you of the associated keyword and page. This data drives a number of great marketing opportunities, including:

  • When and where to focus paid opportunities
  • Possible email and social media campaigns
  • Opportunities to improve other content to match the topic(s) catching fire
Competitor Analysis and Discovery

Make competitor analysis part of your workflow

Our Get Found workflow injects competitor intelligence into every part of your marketing ecosystem. The repeatable process puts your Segment Map at the forefront of content creation and SEO. Each segment has content suggestions, topics, and competitors associated so you get a detailed view by the campaigns, products, and messages that matter to you.

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