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Great SEO comes from great planning. Great planning is easier with great tools.

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If organizing, research, and managing your keywords has you down, don’t despair. We hear it all the time! Whether you’re managing hundreds or hundreds of thousands of keywords chances are you’ve got difficulty with planning and prioritization across your content marketing and SEO.

Sound familiar? Try a new kind of keyword planning tool.

The kind that helps you set and automate groups for keywords, content, and competitors. The kind that will update your reports, suggest new keywords, and recommend keyword and content pairs for optimization.

Marketers biggest challenges

  • Prioritization
  • Planning
  • Grouping and segmentation
  • Rank tracking and monitoring
  • Competitor research
  • Integrated reporting
  • Alerts

Why spend time on keyword planning?

target keyword planning
Improve rank faster

Planning ahead helps you target the content that will optimize fastest for your audience.

keyword prioritization
Prioritize content correctly

If you've got lots of content to consider, tackle what matters most first.

find missing content
Simplify reporting

Report on progress and plans by having a solid keyword roadmap.


One keyword + One page

If you’ve chosen the same keyword for multiple core pages it’s going to be an issue. We’ll talk about core pages more later, but back to one keyword one page. Making sure there is a unique keyword for each page tells search engines, and ultimately your audience, what that content is about in relationship to other site content.


Keyword prioritization simplified

If you are trying to figure out how to pair your keywords and content use your DemandMetrics account to create preferred landing pages so that you can prioritize optimizing existing or creating new content. Looking at content depth on site, search volume, content type, and audience intent in the platform makes pairing simple.


Spot content gaps

If you run out of content before you run out of target keywords — then that’s your list of next content to create! If you run out of keywords first, then it’s time to do some keyword research because you’ve got lots of pages but don’t have a direction to optimize. You’ll find keyword opportunities that are perfect for conversion.

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Create a winning keyword strategy

The most important aspect of any keyword strategy is using it - and this is the SEO dashboard to get it done

Daily rank tracking

Keyword monitoring and analytics

Competitor insights

Don't be caught off guard by the competition

serp rewind and keyword history

SERP Rewind

Compare historical SERPs

Target keywords

Set keyword and content pairs

Link data

Backlinks, internal links, anchor text

custom reports and universal search

Smart groups and segments

Automate your groups for keywords and content

Keyword Planning and Content Research is part of the DemandSphere Workflow

If you’re looking for a single SEO tool or a full scale workflow for your content team, you’ve got the DemandMetrics platform behind you. You can build workflows for each goal, campaign, team, or project – all with individual modules dedicated to your success.

Get started with DemandMetrics by choosing an option below or contact us to build a custom solution.

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