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DemandSphere is the result of the evolution and growth of GinzaMetrics, an enterprise search and content marketing platform with clients around the world in a variety of organizations and roles.

The changes to the marketing landscape and, by extension, the roles that marketers play, has meant constant updates to data and insight needs by our users. Where SEO, content, email, social, paid, display, offline, and other channels once lived separately there are growing connective ties between online and offline experiences, and onsite and offsite content needs.

Our beginnings with GinzaMetrics in organic marketing and SEO data and analytics were a great starting point for understanding consumer intent and the foundation of findable content.

In fact, the idea for GinzaMetrics was conceived in the boardroom of one of our clients. Forty people were packed into a room to discuss the best way to scale SEO across dozens of sites the client owned. Representatives from the client’s brand managers, IT leaders, advertising agency and content production teams were all having a heated discussion about how to create high quality site content in a scalable fashion and how to decide what keywords to target in the first place.

Now, more than seven years later, we have grown to an organization that serves e-commerce, agency, B2B, and B2C clients of various sizes and team types around the world. Their needs for better insights that are tailored to their individual and organizational goals has lead us to the flexible, scalable product offerings of DemandSphere.

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