Keyword monitoring across any search engine, any language, EVERYDAY.

Whether you’re an e-commerce company with audiences around the world, localized sites in tons of languages, and retail stores in several cities – or you’re a B2B company serving the needs of a global audience – we’ve got your SEO solution.

DemandSphere’s enterprise SEO and content platform makes monitoring your performance for products, services, and solutions really simple. It is all in one platform with unlimited users, reports, and custom dashboards for your entire organization.

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Business without borders: SEO for multiple markets

We know transactions don’t always stop close to home and headquarters, and you’ll need to be where your audience is or risk losing ground to competitors.

The keys to a successful global SEO strategy?

  • Smart segmentation for products, services, solutions, audience intent, etc.
  • Target keyword parity across markets (translated for reporting)
  • Search engine and device tracking at the local level
  • Reporting and dashboards that deliver at the executive and individual team member levels
International SEO – Korea, China, Russia

Which international search engines can DemandSphere monitor?

You name it, we can track it. And we don’t stop with traditional search engines, we are tackling findability on all of the platforms your audience uses!


Of course we’ve got Google covered. Daily keyword and competitor monitoring for your keywords keeps you on top of your game. All local instances are here and so are SERP feature trends for each market. What does that mean? It means that as Google rolls out algorithm updates and tests in the US market that put People Also Ask, Local Pack, and Knowledge Panel on the page, we may notice the SERP remains relatively unchanged in Germany. We’ll show you the differences for the same keyword (translated or not) for each of your target markets / locations so you can see how content creation needs and search strategy evolves.

Naver and Daum

If you’ve got Korean audiences, we want to make sure you’ve got the Korean search engines covered too. We’ll track Naver, Daum, and Google KR all in the platform side-by-side so you can see the impact of each on your traffic and revenue.


The biggest search game in town for Russia is Yandex, and if you’re looking for daily Yandex monitoring then look no further. Yandex also provides local search results in 1,400+ cities and continues to expand their offering in the Russian market.

Baidu, Sogou, and Qihoo360

China is one of the most sought after markets for many growing global organizations, but insights into their searches has been elusive. Instead of looking for an new tool that will address APAC search engines, let DemandSphere’s platform (our APAC HQ is in Tokyo) take on your  toughest international tracking queries.

Yahoo! and Bing

If you need them, we’ve got them. We’re tracking them daily just like Google and we’ll spot major changes and trends if they arise.

Alternative search engines that impact your audience

What’s an alternative search engine?They are channels where your audience is looking at or for products, ideas, and inspiration. That means sites like:

  • Amazon
  • Pinterest
  • Rakuten
  • YouTube
  • Jet
  • and more

In some cases, they have their own algorithm and SERP feature trends.

Amazon is a great example of this, with editorial recommendations, Amazon’s Choice, sponsored listings, and more all on the SERP. How they choose their results is also a factor of page makeup and audience experience, such as reviews, returns, manufacturer information, questions answered, and more.

We monitor these unique “search engines” so you can get the best ecosystem-wide view.

International SEO – Korea, China, Russia
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