Real SEO tools built by real SEOs

We’re serious about SEO here. We have been for more than a decade and we’ve built an analytics platform and suite of SEO tools that have been used by B2B businesses around the world.

To continue to provide the you the resources you need to stay on top of rankings, we keep a team of engineers, data scientists, SEO specialists, and content strategists at our core. More than 90% of the DemandSphere team is made of these real implementation members and power users – not sales staff.

Pioneering amazing SEO and business findability is our focus.

When we say every search engine, we are serious.

Sure, we’ve got Google (and all local instances of it), Yahoo!, and Bing. But there’s more – so much more.

The Best SEO Tools for B2B Companies

SEO without borders

We are here for rank tracking and keyword monitoring on all global search engines. If you’re looking for international coverage, not only do we cover every local instance of Google and Yahoo!, we are here for you with monitoring on:

  • Baidu
  • Sogou
  • Qihoo360
  • Yandex
  • Daum
  • Naver

Search is shifting

Sure, we give you the traditional search engines, but we don’t want to stop there. We want you to know that we’re looking at everything where customers perform searches. So we’ve got options for “alternative search engines” including:

  • Amazon
  • Jet
  • Rakuten
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • and more
The Best SEO Tools for B2B Companies

Position one just isn’t what it used to be – and you need an SEO tool that knows it

Ranking in a top three position but still not seeing traffic? Is it possible that your top tier ranking has been pushed down by universal search elements like Knowledge Panel, Answer Box, People Also Ask, or Local Pack?

It’s not only possible – it’s likely.

How can you combat the shifting SERP world? The SEO tools you choose have a lot to do with it, and so does your team’s support in using them. Check out a few of the ways we’re watching the evolution of search engines, and most importantly – the impact on your revenue growth.

The Best SEO Tools for B2B Companies

SERP Rewind: See how SERPs are changing

If you’ve ever tried to show how your rank has stayed the same but your traffic or revenue have changed and met blank stairs – SERP Rewind is the tool for you. If you’ve needed to understand how the rearranging of universal search elements is impacting your business and need to compare it over time, this is the SEO tool you’ve been waiting for.

SERP Rewind lets you choose two date ranges to compare the search engine results pages for and see how elements are evolving. You can compare to today’s date or two historical dates, with different devices available too.

Pixel Depth Charts and Trends

How “deep” on the page is position two now? How has that changed over the past six months and what does that mean for your traffic?

How “big” are People Also Ask results now compared with last month? What about compared with other countries and markets?

Pixel Depth is the perfect SEO tool to show you.

The Best SEO Tools for B2B Companies

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