Keyword research is a big task, choose tools that get it done and keep it fresh

There’s no getting around it if you want the best ranking content and top organic results – you need keyword research. Keyword research, when done correctly, can inform the entire marketing and advertising ecosystem.

That’s because with the right keyword research, you’re taking into account:

  • Audience intent
  • Market conditions
  • Competitor analysis
  • Current onsite and offsite content analysis
  • Preferred landing page management
  • Localization and international efforts if applicable
  • Mobile and local SEO

Here at DemandSphere, we take all of those things into account in our full suite of SEO tools and our content marketing workflow. We also offer services to tackle those for you through our agency partner, Found.

What’s in our keyword research tool that SEOs love?

Our platform and tools are always evolving – because the SERP is always evolving and so are marketing channels. We listen to what you’re looking for and here’s what we have in our keyword research suite to meet today’s SEO and content strategy needs:

Keyword research tool for SEO and content marketing

Real time SERP results

A view of the search results as they stand right now for your target keyword. We’ll display the top 10 results by default, but if you want more, we can display that through our SERP Intelligence API.

Location and language targeting

Choose where you’d like keyword research results from, including country and search engine, and specify the language you would like your results in as well. This means no limits for international teams or those wanting to research other markets.

Recommended keywords

Search volume, keyword difficulty, search volume trends, CPC, and competitor trend data are included in your keyword research.

Create a “watch list”, track in your dashboard, and export

Save keywords you don’t want to use tracking budget on in a watch list, add keywords to tracking, or export your keyword research via Excel, csv, or PDF.

Suggested Searches from Google

See what search engines are recommending to your target audience alongside your target terms in our Suggested Search tool.

Get started with better a keyword research tool
Keyword research tool for SEO and content marketing
Keyword research tool for SEO and content marketing

Content Catching Fire

Want to know what keywords you’re rising into first page position fastest for – of course you do! We can also show you what content of your competitor’s is also catching fire at the same time so you can optimize your content as you both race for the top spot. This is the perfect tool for e-commerce product releases and b2b clients with new solutions in emerging markets.

Want even more SEO power?

DemandMetrics allows you to build your own custom SEO tool suite if one of our plans doesn’t meet your needs. Discuss our full feature list, options for API access and integrations, custom dashboard builds, and more on a discovery call.

If you’ve got a vision but not the time or resources to execute, consider getting in touch with our agency, Found, which is powered by our enterprise SEO and content technology, and staffed by only digital, SEO, content, and paid strategists.

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