Faster, easier, more insightful reporting with smart groups

If you’re spending time trying to segment keywords, content, and competitors for your reports – take that time back.

If you’re using an SEO tool that charges you per segment or group, you’re probably paying too much. DemandMetrics offers unlimited segments and smart groups, that match rules you set and then automatically add in relevant terms and pages.

Keyword groups and content groups for the best SEO

The fastest filtering in an SEO dashboard

Choose a single group, multiple groups, or exclude groups using the AND, OR, and NOT functions in filters. Choose only keyword groups or a combination of keyword groups, content groups, and competitor groups for the most custom dashboards available. Create groups for:

  • Products
  • Features
  • Solutions
  • Audience types
  • Campaigns and messaging
  • Locations
  • and more

Custom reports and dashboards based on your keyword and content groups

Building views that you like with keyword, content, and competitor groups? Save those selections as custom dashboards or reports. We offer unlimited groups, dashboards, and reports so you can save views based on year, quarter, client, product, and more.

improved keyword groups for SEO and content marketing

Drag and drop report and custom dashboard layouts make building reports with keyword groups even easier. Tell a story with your data that highlights wins, shares insights, or moves your plans forward.

Competitor Groups

What is a competitor group? A competitor group can be for direct or indirect competitors, e-commerce or brick-and-mortar, local or international, or any other types of groups that make sense for your organization.

This helps you view keyword and content performance versus the specific types of competitors that matter most, instead of the entire field.

Narrow down results or view your entire marketing ecosystem easily with DemandMetrics.

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