Why bother with competitor discovery and intelligence?

Sometimes competitor discovery can be an after thought when creating site content, launching new products, or determining market strategy. We decide what to do / build / create and THEN explore the competitor landscape.

This wastes tons of time and resources!

We can make smarter, more efficient decisions across our entire marketing and product landscape by first examining what already exists.
Competitors, in our solutions, are categorized in various ways to help you understand their impact on your brand. That includes:

Direct competitors

These care who most organizations think of when they’re considering their competitive landscape. They’re the brands and products that are taking revenue directly from you. You’re probably already aware of them and have some sense of their messaging or positioning in your space. There’s lots more we can learn about them though – and you may not have their full competitive picture!

Indirect competitors

This is all of the content, across various marketing channels, that are taking audience mindshare away from you. This is hugely important to understand in our organic marketing efforts and any SEO and content work. If someone’s looking for, discussing, and otherwise engaging about a topic or keyword that you’re tracking – you need to have knowledge of all of the content they’re seeing. Specifically you want to understand the content that’s working for them.

Competitor Discovery and Analysis

How is DemandSphere different?

We not only categorize your direct and indirect competitors, we align them with your Segment Map and view your competitors for every:

  • Product
  • Campaign
  • Feature
  • Brand
  • Messaging strategy
  • Audience type
  • Location
  • And more

That means you’re going to see the exact content, type of content, and marketing channels that your audience is already engaging with. We track this over time to show you trends in how that engagement changes, putting you ahead of the curve for new opportunities.
Learn more about our competitor discovery and intelligence solutions with a quick discovery call. Read more about our competitor discovery and intelligence offerings below.

Competitor Discovery and Analysis

SEO rankings are relative – what your competitors do influences your own SERP positioning. Gaining insights into competitive SEO strategies and tactics allows you to think two steps ahead with your search and content planning.

Competitive Landscapes

Every brand has an identified set of business competitors. However, in SEO we often find that business competitors are not necessarily your brand’s top search competitors. Identifying your brand’s true search competitors – the sites actually ranking for the keywords you want to own – is an important step in building a holistic, realistic SEO strategy.

Competitor Monitoring

Once your true SEO competitors have been recognized, our team of SEO specialists will build out Segment Maps for each, ensuring we are tracking rival sites’ visibilities across all possible content buckets. Our Agency service solution includes weekly site code and content updates monitoring, as well as comprehensive keyword tracking and reporting. And if there’s some new, hot content topics competitors are moving into, we’ll discover it with the DemandSphere proprietary Catching Fire algorithm. Our competitor Agency service solutions keep you as informed of competitive SEO activities as possible.

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