To say that keyword strategy is critical to the success of marketing and advertising is no overstatement. Keyword strategy involves an understanding of why your organization offers what it offers, how it resonates with audiences, what it looks like your target market with relationship to competitors, and measures the efficacy of your efforts.

When we’re talking about a good keyword strategy, we’re talking about addressing all of those elements in a way that touches each aspect of your marketing ecosystem. That’s right, it’s not just for content marketing and SEO – it’s for everything! But more on that as we move through the series.

How do we impact findability today? With what we can most easily impact:

1. How we’re found – This is the breakdown of channels that we choose to engage with audiences across. This doesn’t mean our products, services, and brand can’t be found in other areas, but the website, radio, TV, social media, email, and other areas we are actively engaging on are a primary way we’re found.

2. What the audience finds – The content that the audience finds when they’re searching for something is within our control as well. We can create websites, ads, fliers, videos, and content of all types for a variety of channels. Creating the type of content that our audience wants to find, in a format that is findable, and on a channel they’re on is the ultimate responsibility of the marketing team.

Making findability work for your content means committing to a process that will help you determine, discover, and target the best keywords for your brand.

If you’re looking for help getting started with a keyword research strategy set up a discovery call today.
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