Marketing overview modules

Your DemandSphere Dashboard has many different types of modules that can be arranged to highlight data, workflows, and comparisons. Below is an overview of a few of our marketing overview modules.

Goal Completions

Displays goal completion data from Google Analytics. A goal is a completed activity such as a purchase or contact form submission

seo and marketing goal completions

Marketing Channel Performance

This module provides a daily breakdown of the origin of your site visits into channels. These channels include social, referrals, direct, organic search, and email. Average rank is overlaid on the daily stacked bars.

marketing channel performance module


marketing channel details

Share of Channels

Breaks all visits out into channels on a pie chart for a defined date range (i.e. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.). Channels include email, social, referrals, organic search, and direct.

share of voice of marketing channels

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