What can a content and site audit do for your brand?

Our 2019 SEO audit series will walk you through the key questions marketers ask before conducting content and site audits, including:

  • Why are content and site audits valuable to your business?
  • What types of audit are there and how do I choose the right one?
  • How long should an audit take?
  • What should I get from my audit in terms of insights and deliverables?
  • How often should I do an SEO check for my site and content?
  • Can I perform my own audit or should I talk to a specialist?

Our Found Friday 2019 SEO Audit Series addresses those questions over four weeks of webinars and resources. If you’re not registered for Found Fridays – get signed up here!

At the end of the series we’ll share our resource guide, checklists, and more so you can make the best audit decisions for your content marketing and SEO efforts.

Strategic Content and Site Audits for Marketers and SEOs

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