Discover keywords and topics that are relevant to your market, who’s got the top content for them, and where you currently rank.

Key metrics: View search volume, CPC, competition score, and trends for each discovered keyword

Tracked keywords: See which keywords you’re already targeting in your DemandSphere dashboard

Add keywords to tracking directly within the discovery tool

Monthly search volume trends show you the history of search volume for individual keywords

Difficulty score shows ease of ranking for the selected keyword

Real time keyword discovery based on topics that are relevant to your organization

Suggestions for additional keywords to target

Real time SERP data for the selected keyword

Authority data including: domain authority, page authority, Moz Rank, Moz Trust, and link data




Find competitors for your brand(s), products, features, campaigns, messages, and more. Our competitor discovery tool delivers insights you need to find key competition.

Use Catching Fire and Blazing Content for your competitors to get first alerts to what is rising quickly in relevance and rank

Key competitor metrics: See average rank, Findability Score, CPC, and search volume data for your competitors compared to you for each target keyword, keyword group, or competitor segment

Competitors ranked by shared target keywords and competing content so you only see what’s relevant to your marketing efforts

Filter competitors by segments such as feature, product, message, campaign, location, and more

Competitor attention: View all of the content that your competitor has created that is taking attention away from you, by individual keyword or segment

Comprehensive list of all your target competing keywords for each competitor in your market sortable by search volume

Create competitor lists and sort by direct, indirect, product, location, campaign, or other relevant items for your business



ContentSphere answers questions at the core of your brand’s findability and creates workflows and actionable next steps so you can create a positive impact.

The best content: We will tell you what it is, where it can be found and who is creating it. We’ll also let you know how it changes over time and who the competition is now and how it changes in the future.

Smarter site content: We’ll help you create content across long tail keywords so you can build authority for you site.

Identify content and market opportunities 

New topics: We’ll highlight new topic opportunities that will resonate for individual segments using our Segment Mapping system. 

Content + channel pairs: We’ll show you combinations of content and channel pairs that are likely to create conversions.

Updates to current campaigns: We’ll highlight opportunities to re-message existing products or features that will be more impactful.

Understand your audience

Audience segmentation: Understand how your audience varies across campaigns, messages, products, locations, customer journey stages, and more.

Offsite content: See how offsite content perform for my brand and how you can harness it more effectively.

Universal search: Understand the impact of universal search elements like knowledge panel, answer box, suggested searches, and other content noise.


Playbook-driven strategy

We create a strategy specific to your goals with our strategic account managers. Starting from our first discovery call, we review what you are working on, KPIs, and performance metrics, to guide you through the platform. We also schedule a goal review meeting to make sure we develop any new modules or workflows you need and check in on progress.

Based on the Get Found Workflow, the playbook adapts to organizations of all types. We work with enterprise B2B and B2C, e-commerce, agency, and startup customers that all utilize these phases of success to accomplish their goals repeatedly.

A guide for your entire organization to utilize within your team and beyond – the playbook addresses core aspects of findability. The Get Found Workflow drives strategic decisions beyond the DemandMetrics platform, into editorial calendars, email marketing, social strategy, paid media, and more.

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