Get smarter about search: Daily rank tracking

Enterprise keyword tracking without the budget-busting price. 

If you’re holding back on tracking keywords because of budget constraints, contracts, or scalability in your existing tools – stop minimizing your marketing. Get DemandRankings tool and see what opportunities you’re missing.

Be alerted to algorithm changes impacting your content’s findability.

It highlights the changes to local, mobile, universal search, and other important updates that matter to your rankings.

Daily tracking comes standard.

It’s included in all of DemandSphere’s products including Amazon Search Intelligence. DemandRankings delivers daily data updates that can be white labeled, exported to PDF, .csv, Excel, Google Drive, and embedded html in email. Flexibility for every need.


The most search engines, devices, and locations

Multiple search engines, one low price.

Track multiple search engine, device, and country pairs without paying more. You get to track more keywords and dive deeper into opportunities to rank for what matters to your audience.

Any search engine. Any device. Every city. Every day. 

Don’t be held back by unavailable search engines, no country or city-level tracking, or weekly ranking data. We’ve got every search engine, language, country and city available for rank tracking every day.

We’re tracking all the search engines or devices you want.

Check out what comes with your account: Google, Amazon, Yahoo!, Bing, Baidu, Sogou, Qihoo 360, Yandex, Daum, and Naver. Oh yeah, and iPhone, iPad, Android phone and Android tablets are here too.


Competitor insights: Find them, monitor them, beat them to the top.

Get the drop on the competition.

Track competitors across keywords, search engines, devices, and locations. We’ll follow them wherever your target audience goes and serve up daily data and opportunities to keep you ahead.

Competitor discovery – finding competitors you didn’t even know existed. 

We’re not just monitoring the competitors you already know about, we’re finding what’s new, what’s changing, and what’s impacting your rank.

Competitors by campaign. By feature. By product… And more.

Don’t wade through hundreds or thousands of competitors across an entire site. Focus on the ones that are impacting the campaigns and content you’re concentrating on today. Our unique, automatic keyword and content grouping technology takes control of your discovery.


Infinite scale and flexibility

Connect to us, from us, with us – an API that gives your data freedom.

Get out of the data silo trap and into a flexible tool that puts your data where you want it. Information without limits from our scalable API.

Rearrange our platform, it won’t hurt our feelings.

We know that there’s no one size fits all solution for SEO. Make our module-based UI work for your team and organization with your own configurations or custom templates.


Seriously strategic support

Technical support that never sleeps.

Okay, they do sleep but we have teams around the world, so we’re available on your timeline with quick turnarounds.

An extension of your team for a fraction of the cost.

Big project? New client? Team re-org? We’ve got you covered. Our team of strategists are here to help with professional services that range from content creation and competitor analysis to Segment Map generation and custom report building.

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