DemandMetrics keyword research options deliver real-time data to our clients. The suite includes keyword tools that integrate with our competitor and content platform for a complete solution.

Keyword Discovery

Get a list of the keywords and topics that are relevant to your organization. We conduct keyword discovery based on your Segment Map, which is a visualization of your marketing ecosystem. The Segment Map divides up your marketing by options such as:

  • Products
  • Features
  • Solutions
  • Campaigns
  • Messages
  • Audiences
  • Locations
  • and more

These same segments can be used to discover and manage your keywords. Add newly discovered keywords directly to your platform and their associated segments easily in the platform.

Keyword Research and Discovery

Keyword Difficulty Score

Before you allocate resources to ranking and content creation, we’ll give you an idea of the difficulty for each discovered keyword.

When partnered with our Competitor Analysis and Discovery feature, the Keyword Research tool provides deep insight into new opportunities and what’s working for your market.

Keyword Research and Discovery

 Real-time SERP data for keyword discovery

See what’s ranking right now for your discovered keywords. You’ll also get domain authority, page authority, and other information about each page, as well as a preview of the content on hover.

Managed services make keyword research and competitor intelligence simple

Our managed service offering, lead by our Get Found Workflow and team of strategists, delivers ongoing keyword, competitor and content insights.

We deliver new content topics, keyword tracking ideas, opportunities, and competitor data on a regular basis. We also create content that matches your Segment Map so you have new, optimized content consistently.

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