Scalable, flexible, and fully integrated SEO tools and content marketing solutions

How do our SEO tools improve traffic, conversions, and marketing outcomes?

We’re focused on findability throughout your marketing ecosystem, and our SEO and content intelligence platform proves it.

The DemandMetrics offering is the result of over a decade of research and successful client relationships, understanding what works and staying on top of what’s next. As your audience explores new content channels, marketing methods and search engine styles change. We’re here to ensure your content is where your audience is – no matter how that changes or what competitors may do.

Why DemandMetrics?

Integrated suite of solutions – with the DemandSphere suite you’ll have easy access and integration to our DemandCrawl, DemandSpeed, and DemandSolutions offerings to extend your capabilities without hiring bottlenecks or data migration difficulties.

Unlimited scale means you can grow forever without facing budget fears, keyword limitations, or page count worries. Deep data delivered daily is our specialty, no matter how big the keyword, content, or competitor list!

Flexibility means a focus on your needs, not out of the box solutions. We are here to make your goals happen, no matter what. That only works if our platform and service offerings are tailored to you, not “a company similar to yours.”

Read more about what we offer below, and get started with a discovery call to tell us about your goals.



Never worry about not being able to track and monitor what you need again. Our infinitely scalable platform grows with your needs. Increase your tracking and monitoring capabilities with new products, campaigns, or initiatives – and scale back down if necessary too.

Unlimited usage of what matters most, including:

  • Users
  • Reports
  • Custom dashboard

Don’t hold back on inviting team members, contractors, and agency or client partners. Create reports that match your needs, not just fit your budget.

Keyword volumes in the thousands or millions, tracked daily. Don’t miss out on important data across your search engines and devices – we have it covered with ease.

Need help with keyword research, campaign setup, or other items? Check out our managed services offering through DemandSolutions.

Search engines, languages, and locations that your business needs. If you’re looking for SEO without borders, look no further. The DemandMetrics platform gives you the ability to monitor keywords and competitors in various countries, languages, and search engines – and roll them up into comprehensive reporting.

Get to know our international and extended search capabilities.



Workflows tailored to each team and role, including: digital strategy, content marketing, SEO, email marketing, social media, product marketing, paid search, advertising, agency, public relations, editorial, and more.

Module-based UI means we can arrange charts and tables to your specific marketing and SEO needs.

Integrations that span a variety of needs including analytics providers, CRMs, social data sources, export options, project management solutions, and others. We can also build custom integrations specific to your needs, or work with your team to utilize our API within dashboards you already have.

Completely custom pricing at DemandMetrics is based on usage, not pre-set packages. This means that we can create a solution that fits your budget, scales with your team, and only gives you the tools you need instead of paying for what you don’t. Because we’re flexible, you can increase and decrease usage of things like keywords and competitors during your contract without hassle.


Friendly & Upfront

Team members that genuinely want to help are all we have here, so when you’ve got a question, we’re happy to address it. If you’ve ever been frustrated feeling like you got the runaround or were ignored because you were a smaller client than someone else – that’s not a concern here. Want to talk to some of our customers? We’d love to introduce you!

Roadmap transparency is important to us. Whether you’re just considering joining us or are a long-time customer – we won’t tell you we’re going to build something if we’re not. We will always let you know when to expect requested features and we’ll share our roadmap and ask about yours so we can help build solutions that fit.

No pushy salespeople or upselling will happen when you want to check out DemandMetrics, or any of the DemandSphere product suite. We want to make sure we are attentive and responsive to your inquiries but if you decide it’s not for you – we’re sad, but we get it. If you’ve got all you need from the product and are happy, then so are we – so no pushing you to use and pay for more than what you need – just like our flexible pricing!

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