Competitor insights that inform smart content marketing

Take a look at your industry landscape and invest your SEO and content resources wisely.

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competitor insights for SEO and content marketing

How does the competitor landscape impact your revenue?

If you’re not sure, let’s talk about some competitor insights that can give you the answer. The DemandMetrics suite of SEO tools includes competitor discovery, keyword research, SERP history, rank comparisons, and more. All to give you the best chance at beating the content that’s taking attention from your brand.

Getting to the top

target keyword planning
Competitor Discovery

Find out who the real competition is for every type of feature, solution, product, and service you offer.

keyword prioritization
Competitor Analysis

Which competitors are most likely to impact your audience's decisions?

daily rank tracking keywords
Daily Monitoring

Whether they release new content or make it into a universal search element - we'll know

Try a Competitor Insights tool that does more

DemandMetrics SEO and content marketing tools deliver daily competitor intelligence to your dashboard

competitor discovery and analysis

Competitor Discovery

Who are the real competitors for audience attention

SERP rewind historical keyword data

SERP Rewind

Historical SERP layout views for your keywords

suggested searches from Google for SEO

Suggested Search Keywords

See what else is recommended to your audience

competitor rank tracking

Competitor Rank Tracking

Daily competitor rank data

mobile and local SEO tool

Local and Mobile

Any device, country, or city

international SEO solution

Any Search Engine

International, Amazon, and Pinterest

smart groups for keywords and competitors

Smart Groups

Faster filtering, segments, and reporting

universal search element tracking

Universal Search Analysis

Knowledge Panel, People Also Ask, Local Pack, and more

content catching fire

Content Catching Fire

Content that's rising in rank quickly and making impact

custom reports and dashboards

Custom Reports and Dashboards

Views based on roles and goals

Your best bet for beating the competition

Make the most of every piece of content, optimization tactic, and marketing effort. Keep an eye on what’s making a connection with your audience and learn from how they are meeting people’s needs.

Real competitor insights require spotting new competition and knowing what they’re doing right. With DemandMetrics, you’ll be able to discover and categorize your competitors by: Product, feature, solution, location, and more.

Direct or Indirect Competitors?

Direct competitors are the ones that are competing with you for goods, services, and solutions. They’re the ones you’re most likely to see in your industry research, hear about on sales calls, or run into in e-commerce.

Indirect competitors are the ones that are talking about your industry by discussing the needs of your audience but aren’t directly selling something that you do. This may include blogs and review sites, YouTube channels, influencers, or companies that do adjacent product development.

You’ll see content from both types of competitors in the SERP and ignoring either is a critical mistake.

competitor insights for SEO position and keywords
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