Mobile and local are becoming the center of content marketing as Americans spend 24% of their time, but only 8% of ad dollars on mobile, according to Mary Meeker. That trend, along with Google’s improved local indexing, is forcing marketers and SEOs to track and analyze engagements in new ways, specifically filtered by device and location. GinzaMetrics is responding to these trends with a new suite of tools allowing you to see all your content across targeted locations, regardless of rank, and compare performance on search engines and devices to better understand how to improve findability.
Screenshot - Local Search Map Results

Local and Mobile Suite of Tools

Today GinzaMetrics announced our new local and mobile suite of tools to respond to the quickly changing needs of marketing and SEOs prompted by current mobile and local search trends. Our newest suite of tools include Local Search, Mobile Integration, Deeper Crawl, Embedded Reports, and Sortable Recommendations. In concert, these tools are aimed at easing the greatest challenge to 53% of marketers, the ability to measure content effectiveness, according to the Content Marketing Institute.
Screenshot - Local Rankings Chart
This is part of our continued focus to providing flexible, customizable, and scalable solutions to help marketers avoid the problems associated with having too many stand-alone tools, or allocating large portions of their budget to big box tools that cannot be molded to their needs. Custom dashboards, a feature released earlier this year, are part of a product focus to support marketers and SEOs looking for flexibility in data views and reporting.
Screenshot - Mobile Group Content Insights“We’ve resisted the temptation to push tools and features into the market before they could be fully integrated into the existing platform,” stated Ray Grieselhuber, Founder & CEO GinzaMetrics. “We don’t want to contribute to the confusion and frustrations we’ve heard from marketers who are overwhelmed by stand alone tools and disparate data. We want to be the solution, not part of the workflow problem.”

All The Tools You Need In One Platform

Marketers and SEOs no longer need separate SEO, marketing, and local tools. Each of these features is fully integrated into the GinzaMetrics platform and are available for every user no matter the size of their plan. The new suite of tools includes:

  • Local Search Data Ranking– Marketers can now determine where key audiences are finding their content. Using this tool, you will receive ranking results on all content by chosen locations. To help visualize data, ranking position is displayed in sortable charts and graphs, as well as on an interactive geographical map on the dashboard. Unlike other solutions in the market, GinzaMetrics includes local search data as part of its current plans and not as a stand-alone tool or expensive add-on.
  • Deeper Crawl – Deeper Crawl allows brands to see ranking results for all site content, regardless of current search engine ranking or targeted keywords. With Deeper Crawl, previously undetected content can be found by marketers and SEO’s, improved with recommendations, and included in campaign reporting and optimization options.

Screenshot - Deeper Crawl Overview

  • Mobile Integration – The GinzaMetrics dashboard gives you the option of tracking search results by specific device and filtering data by devices individually or in aggregate throughout the platform. Using site settings, users can target iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, and Andriod Tablet devices, as well as drill downs for all mobile, tablet, and desktop options. Using these options, marketers and SEOs can access the most granular data on how audiences are finding their content, via specific campaigns and keywords, and then can see recommendations to continue to improve.
  • Sortable Recommendations – This feature allows marketers to focus their attention on the content recommendations that will make the most difference right now. You can sort suggested improvements by keyword or content groups, campaigns, or location. Sortable recommendations give marketers the option to determine their own priorities and create a hit list of tasks and targeted content to assign team members and create their own prioritized workflow.

Screenshot - Sortable Recommendations

  • Embedded reports – Using this feature you can embed any module, or combination of modules, in the dashboard into email as a regular or one-time report. Coupled with GinzaMetrics free white label capabilities, agencies can have a completely custom dashboard and reporting system for each client using their own branding and layout.

“GinzaMetrics believes in an approach to product development that works in tandem with customer requests at the individual level and market needs at the broader level,” says Erin O’Brien, COO. “Taking into account the requests and frustrations we hear from customers has to be coupled with longer term platform needs and an actual cohesive product – not the Lego-building effect of tacking on features without real integration and usability.”
If you have questions, or want to know more about the new product offering, contact us. If you want an overview of the platform, watch a pre-recorded demo here. We’re also available through email at or