Announcing Social Signals Integration with Ginzametrics

Announcing Social Signals Integration with Ginzametrics

As we announced in our press release today, we are rolling out our new integration of social signals data to our customers today.
We’ve actually been testing these new features with a subset of our customers since June and have gotten stability and performance to the point where it needed to be for a larger release. We still have a lot of work to do on adding even more great new social features but this is a big step forward and I’d like to thank all our customers who provided early feedback.

How It Works

Our social signals integration collects the critical information from Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus daily about your web pages: how they are being shared, clicked, commented on, and more. We do this for each one of your URLs that we track in our index and there is no need for you to set up anything on your own. Everything is automated, including the discovery of your content. (You can always add more, of course.)
Social Signals Integration into Enterprise SEO Platform Ginzametrics

How This Helps You

We built this feature because the connection between how well your content is promoted on social networks and your performance on organic search is clear. This is true not only from a direct impact on your rankings as a result of Google’s evaluation of these metrics (and there are some nuances there), but more generally due to the fact that content that is well received on social networks is far more likely to attract links. For this reason alone, we are encouraging marketers and agencies to focus heavily on promoting content both in organic search and social media for the best long term results.
With the new features we’re announcing today, it is now possible to track your performance in both your search engine rankings and also how well your content is being shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.
In-house marketers can use these reports to report on KPIs to internal management and agencies can now easily build reports that show their success on managing both SEO and social media to their clients.
We are always looking for more feedback on how we can improve Ginzametrics so let us know what you think!