Today we are excited to announce a big update to our SEO and Content Marketing dashboard. We are extending GinzaMetrics to support Chinese search engines Baidu and Sogou. This integration provides GinzaMetrics users with insight into rankings, social signals and competitors on these two popular search engines.

Support for Baidu and Sogou Added to GinzaMetrics SEO and Content Marketing Dashboard

When you select China as your website’s target country, Baidu, Sogou and Google are now the default search engines. We can help you track organic search, social and content for your website(s) no matter the country while our platform suggests relevant search engines. This enables you to report on and gather recommendations to enhance your search strategies as well.
The monitoring features can be used to observe search and content performance of your competitors to gain insights into the types of keywords and content trending in your industry.

Our CEO, Ray Grieselhuber, cites support for Baidu and Sogou as, “A result of growing e-commerce and web-based businesses in China, as well as the globalization of companies that need to be relevant in each of their markets.”
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